Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Way to Remember

It was Christmas eve, most of the employees will be taking time off to celebrate Christmas with their families and their loved ones. However, to Hazel, this year's Christmas is a painful Christmas as both of her parents were killed in a car accident while they were on their way travelling to Seattle to find her for the Christmas holidays. Hazel, whom has no plans on Christmas eve, decided to spent her night by working in the office where she felt that this is the only way where she could get rid of the pain of her parents' death by avoiding crowded places.

Times passed very slowly and a drop of needle could be heard as the whole office is empty and Hazel is still working on her marketing research project. While working, suddenly the door bell rings and this gave Hazel a shocked as who could be coming to the office at this hour? Hazel gained the courage to walk to the door to have look on who could be the one coming to the office at this hour. Then, she saw an old lady who is in her 60's wearing a rag clothes and standing by the door holding a black book. 

Hazel opened the door.

To be continued...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Idiotic and Unsensible Customer

Customer is a person who thinks he can throw his money on you and have you to get his work done without paying any sensible respect or what you can say is like a slave.
What's the big idea of putting the blame at the end of the day on your supplier when you are the one dragging the time of placing the order? The supplier has done her job by keep on pushing the customer to place the order but the customer still draging until his final date of submission to the owner. In addition to that, the supplier may also stop the order since no purchase order is issued by this company. Therefore, what's the big deal of scolding and throwing your tantrum on the supplier you didn't even follow the procedure at the first place.

Secondly, please enroll yourself to an English course. Since when, did the supplier specify ex-stock in the delivery? Ex-stock subjected to prior sales is for those items that are being indicated ex-stock.
The actual delivery is to be advised not ex-stock can't he differentiate the difference between these two? Even a 7 year old knows the difference. How pathetic can this be?

Come on, suppliers also have feelings, they are not slaves. Why customers can't be sensible?
Please put yourself in the suppliers shoes before scolding people like a mad dog. Don't ever think that when you are the pay master, you call all the shots. There is karma waiting there for you. One day, you will also need to pay back of what you have done today.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Opening up to each other is the key to every happy relationship.

Let me tell you a short story of a friend of mine.

A= who is the youngest in the class, studying in a local college, outgoing personality and gets easily agitate but still cares of her friends personality.
B= the eldest in the class, BFF to A a bit timid and caring person and good BFF.

A and B has known each other since A's first day in college. Both of them start out as a normal friend and as days goes by, the friendship starts to get closer until the BFF stage.

Anywhere you go, you can see both of them. There are just like a couple but they are not lesbians. I always like to tease them around.

Ok, recently, I feel sad for my friend A, she told me that recently she and B went for a short vacation.
It started out quite fun and their friendship remains the same as the way it is until the day they came back from the trip. During the trip, A brought B to try on the thrill rides as she has never tried such rides in her life. However, after the trip, A tried to call up and sms B but she just ignore her. Until one day she replied her on FB saying that, they need a talk and she would like to be alone at this moment.

Now my friend A is so moody as B has never did such things to A before. I was so shocked when A told me this news. I felt so bad for her but I hope their cold war will be ending soon. Anyway I hope that B will try to talk to her about her feelings rather than keep it inside as depression will be there waiting to be your friend.

To the people out there, please be truthful to your everyone who is important in your life especially family, BFF and boyfriends. This is because it will affects each other relationship and indirectly hurts a person's feelings when you start ignoring the person without telling him or her the reason of avoiding. The world would be a better place when people starts to be truthful to each other.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Sexy Voice

This morning, I lost my voice my I woke up from my bed. I was trying to clear my throat a few times but still doesn't work. Then, I tried drinking water and sneeze out the phlegm in my nose and it helps a little.

Now my voice has a high and low pitch at the same time. This is the moment that I can sing the old song 'What a Wonderful World' . It's kinda hard to talk in this situation. Luckily technology is there where I can use sms or msn to talk to my peers.

Hope that I will gain back my voice by tonight:)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why Do Fat Female Being Discriminated?

Image from source:tnation.t-nation.com

Is it wrong to be fat and having bulges on your body? In today's society, people especially guys are discriminating the big sized girls by making fun about their weight. This does not only happen to the fat girls but also the plump girls. I really pity those girls out there as they are living with low self esteem. Besides guys, some girls who are thin and slim also put a pressure on them by advising them it is important to be slim so that it is easy to get a boyfriend. In my opinion, this kind of boyfriend do not really love you but he is in love with your body. When the girl starts getting a bit of weight , the guy will start nagging about it and asking her to cut down the calories intake or even worse break up with her.

Being fat or plump is not what these girls choose to be as different people has a different metabolism. Some girls have a high metabolism so no matter how much calories they took, these calories are burnt easily without converting into excess fat. The girls with low metabolism will gain all the bulges as the calories intake are not burnt completely and the excess are store as fat.

Please do not discriminate these girls out there as they are also human. They also have feelings as you will not understand how hurt it is when someone making fun about your weight and saying things such as 'oh my you are so fat no wonder you are still single until today' or something like 'do you think of going yoga as yoga has helped my cousin's sister to slim down who is also a big sized girl previously before she joined yoga club .' Stop saying those harsh words to them. Those people out there who keep discrimate female about their weight will only understand when they are in the shoes of fat people.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

1st Post of the Year

This time I really forgot my log in password until I need to reset a new one for it. Its been almost a year since my last post. These few days, I've been trying to crack my password in order to get into blogging but unfortunately it wasn't successful until I need to reset a new one for it.

OK that's about the password problem.

Yesterday was a fun day for me because I went to the Logos Hope floating book fair.

In the morning, I went to One Corner Cafe for breakfast, enjoying my favourite Pan Mee.

I've been a loyal customer to the stall since the first taste of their Pan Mee. The Pan Mee in this cafe is very tasty and if you have the opportunity to dine in this cafe, you should try the Pan Mee. It's only RM3. They have several choices of Pan Mee either you can have it dry, clear soup or tomyam soup.

After breakfast, I went to Logos Hope book fair in Swettenham Pier. It was an eye opener to me as I have never been these kind of floating book fair before. There were such book fair in Penang in 2000 called Doulos floating book fair. Doulos is the sister ship of Logos Hope. You must not miss this event as it is not an annual event in Penang as we hardly get this kind of floating book fair event in Penang. The fair ends on 25 September so hurry to Swettenham Pier to get your eyes open for those of you who had missed the last fair in 2000 by Doulos. The entrance fee is only RM1 and children below 12 years old are free but they must be accompanied by an adult.

Wondering how the Ship looks like right???

Side view of Logos Hope

Front view of Logos Hope

"Welcome aboard", says the Captain.

That's all about my 1st post of year 2011. Stay tune for more upcoming posts.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Latest Updates

It's been ages since the last post... until I forgot what is my password to login.. lol
I also nearly forgot that I have a blog here..
Life has been full of ups during the past few months and a little down lately...

Now I'm feeling very tired,
Both shoulders are waiting for someone to massage but sadly there is no one to massage
My hands are red as tomato and has a tiny blister
I burnt my right hand while I was fying so that explains the tiny blister
Red caused by the heat